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  • Established: 2020
  • KYC Verification: No
  • Crypto: Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum Dogecoin Tether (USDT) Solana Binance Coin Ripple (XRP) Cardano Tron (TRX) USDC Ton
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Overall Rating 4.5/ 5

Welcome to the high-stakes world of Casino Bit, where the glitz and glamour of traditional casinos meet the cutting-edge convenience of cryptocurrency. Established in 2020, this digital casino has quickly carved out a niche for itself in the online gambling universe. In this review, we'll take you on a whirlwind tour of Casino Bit, exploring its extensive game library, innovative payment options, and top-notch customer service. Whether you're a seasoned gambler or new to the thrill of online betting, join us as we delve into what makes Casino Bit a standout choice for crypto gaming enthusiasts.

Bonuses and Promotions

  • 3rd Deposit Bonus
    Casino Bit 3rd Deposit Bonus slot
    55% up to 2 BTC
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  • 2nd Deposit Bonus
    Casino Bit 2nd Deposit Bonus slot
    80% up to 1.5 BTC
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  • 1st Deposit Bonus
    Casino Bit 1st Deposit Bonus slot
    110% up to 1 BTC
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Alright, let's dive into the high-rollin' world of Casino Bit's bonuses and promotions, y'all! This online casino is like a rodeo of rewards, offering a lineup of bonuses that'll have you hollerin' yeehaw!

First off, new players get a welcome that's as big and warm as a Texas BBQ. When you saddle up with your first deposit, Casino Bit slaps a 110% bonus on it, up to 1000 mBTC (that's milli-Bitcoin for the uninitiated)​​. Now, ain't that a fine howdy-do?

But hold your horses, because the welcome wagon doesn't stop there. Your second deposit gets an 80% bonus up to 1500 mBTC, and for your third, you're lookin' at a 55% bonus up to a whopping 2000 mBTC. Each of these bonuses requires a minimum deposit of 3 mBTC to activate, so make sure you've got your bits in a row​​.

And if you think that's all, well, you're in for a surprise as big as Texas. Casino Bit also rolls out the red carpet with a 55% bonus up to 2 BTC for new players, with a minimum deposit of just 1 mBTC and no maximum cashout limit. This offer's got a wagering requirement of 40x (bonus + deposit), and it's gotta be used within 30 days​​.

But wait, there's more! Casino Bit doesn't just treat its new guests like royalty; it also keeps the good times rollin' with seasonal and special occasion bonuses. Keep an eye on their newsletter for these deals, and you might just find yourself hittin' the jackpot of promotions​​.

So, there you have it, partner. Casino Bit's bonuses and promotions are like a never-ending poker game with a stacked deck – in your favor! Remember to gamble responsibly, though; don't bet the ranch unless you can afford to lose it. Happy gaming, y'all! 🎰🤠🎉

Reputation: What Players Say About Casino Bit

Alrighty, let's dive into the world of Casino Bit, a digital casino where the chips are crypto and the stakes are as high as the Texas sky! First thing's first: Casino Bit's a real high roller in the crypto casino world, launched back in June 2019. It's got a reputation shinier than a brand new set of dice, scoring a whopping 9 out of 10 in a review, especially for its bonus game, which is as tempting as a full house in Texas Hold'em​​.

Now, Casino Bit ain't just about slots and chips; it's a full house of iGaming delights like live casino games, jackpot games, and more. Plus, it welcomes players from all over the world, just like a good ol' Texas BBQ. They've got a generous welcome bonus of 110% to get you started, and they're all about that cryptocurrency life, accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, you name it​​.

But hold your horses! It ain't all sunshine and rainbows. While they're dealing out a variety of high-quality crypto games and an attractive welcome package, they've got a smaller game selection than some, and they don't take fiat currencies. Plus, if you're hoping to hit the jackpot on your phone, they're still working on a mobile app​​.

Bonuses? You bet! They've got a first deposit bonus of 110% up to 1 BTC, and the goodies keep on coming with second and third deposit bonuses. They're throwing around bonuses like confetti at a Texas homecoming parade​​.

The website is as user-friendly as a Southern hostess, designed for easy navigation and optimized for playing on the go, which is great for those of us who can't sit still longer than a jackrabbit on a hot griddle​​.

Now, on the downside, some cowboys might get a bit twitchy hearing that Casino Bit ain't fully licensed. Plus, their customer service might not be as quick on the draw as you'd hope, and they've got some geographical restrictions that might ruffle your feathers​​.

Despite the lack of a fancy license, they've managed to earn the trust of players worldwide. They've got over 1200 games, including a heap of slots that'll make your eyes as wide as a bull seeing a red cape. They're all about crypto payments, which makes things quicker than a two-step at a honky-tonk​​.

But, like a poker game with a new deck, there's always a surprise. One reviewer called it "one of the ugliest crypto casinos," which reminds us that not every player's gonna find their pot of gold at the end of this rainbow​​.

So, there you have it! Casino Bit's like a game of Texas Hold'em – full of highs, lows, and a bit of mystery. Whether it's your lucky day or you're just bluffin', it's surely a place that's got a bit of everything for the gambling enthusiast. Just remember, y'all, to gamble responsibly – don't bet the ranch unless you can afford to lose it!

  • Luckyman13

    Fast withdrawal. Real No KYC. I can recommend it to play

  • Jake D


Payment Options at Casino Bit

Alright, let's dive into the payment options over at Casino Bit, y'all. This place ain't your typical online gambling joint — it's like a high-tech, crypto-only saloon! They're all about them digital dollars, you know what I mean? Here's the roundup of what they accept:

  • BTC (Bitcoin): That's the big daddy of crypto, the original digital gold rush!
  • ETH (Ethereum): Like BTC's smarter cousin, real slick and versatile.
  • XRP: Fast as a jackrabbit, it's the speedy Gonzales of crypto.
  • USDT (Tether): Good ol' reliable, pegged to the dollar, steadier than a poker player's gaze.
  • LTC (Litecoin): BTC's little brother, faster and lighter.
  • BNB and BUSD: Binance's own, like having a bit of Wall Street in your wallet.

Now, get this — when you toss your crypto into the pot, Casino Bit converts it into either uBTC (micro bitcoin) or mBTC (milli bitcoin). It's like walking into a saloon with gold nuggets and getting them weighed out for a good ol' game of Texas Hold'em​​.

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Min Deposit: 10 EUR
Min Withdrawal: 20 EUR
Max Daily Withdrawal: 500 mBTC
Max Weekly Withdrawal: 1 BTC
Max Monthly Withdrawal: 2.5 BTC

About Look & Feel (Usability)

Alrighty, let's take a gander at the look and feel of Casino Bit and see if it's as slick as a new deck of cards or as confusing as a squirrel at a dog show.

First off, Casino Bit's website is about as fancy as a rodeo queen on parade day, scoring a high 9.5/10 for its look and feel. The main page is dressed in purple, which ain't just a color for royalty but also for makin' things feel cozy and inviting. They've got all the important stuff like popular games, deposit methods, and software providers right there on the front porch, easy to find and easier to use​​.

Now, for the modern cowboys and cowgirls who like their gambling on the go, this casino's as mobile-friendly as a pocket on a shirt. Whether you're using an Android, iOS, or any other gadget, the site works perfectly. So, you can play live casino games with your crypto while sittin' on your front porch swing or waitin' in line at the feed store​​.

But hold your horses, it ain't all sunshine and rainbows. While the top part of the site is as neat as a new pin, the bottom can get as cluttered as a barn after a hoedown. You might find yourself squintin' and scrollin' a bit more than you'd like, especially with those pesky pop-ups and overlays that can make the screen busier than a one-armed paperhanger in a windstorm​​.

The site's got a dark-purple color scheme that's as pleasing to the eye as a sunset over the prairie. Navigating around is smoother than a gravy sandwich, with clear buttons at the top for all the important stuff like games, bonuses, and whatnot​​.

And if you're the type that likes to chat, they've got a live chat feature that pops up quicker than a jackrabbit on a hot griddle, ready to help you with any question faster than you can say "howdy"​​.

So, to sum it up, Casino Bit's got a look and feel that's mostly as welcoming as a porch light in the dark, but with a few quirks that might ruffle your feathers just a bit. But, like a good country song, it's got heart where it counts, and that's what keeps folks comin' back. 🎰🤠🌟

Games Selection

Casino Bit's game selection is like a well-stocked bar at a Texas hoedown – there's something for everyone, whether you're a high roller or just dipping your toes in the gaming waters.

First off, let me tell ya, Casino Bit is a crypto casino paradise with more than 2500 games, mostly in the casino category where slots rule the roost like a rooster in a henhouse​​. They've roped in over 1,200 titles, partnering with more than 20 top-tier software providers, including big shots and niche developers like Revolver Gaming, OneTouch Games, and Vivo Gaming​​. This ensures a variety of experiences, whether you're into traditional casino classics or hunting for something more innovative.

Now, let's break down what's on offer:

  1. Slots Galore: With over 1200 slot games, Casino Bit's got a slot for every mood and occasion, from old-school classics to the latest and greatest​​. You'll find popular titles like Fruit Vegas, Bigger Bass Bonanza, and Satoshi’s Secret, ensuring a reel-spinning good time.

  2. Table Games and More: If you're more of a table game enthusiast, they've got you covered with a variety of dice games, video poker, live dealer games, blackjack, roulette, keno, craps, bingo, and poker. This wide range ensures that whether you're a card shark or a dice enthusiast, there's a game for you​​.

  3. Live Dealer Games: For those who like the thrill of live games, Casino Bit doesn't disappoint. Their live dealer section is packed with various roulette, poker, blackjack, and lottery games, all powered by Ezugi, a software developer specializing in live casino experiences​​.

  4. Specialty and Crypto-Focused Games: For crypto enthusiasts, Casino Bit offers a selection of crypto-specific games under the CB selection. These games offer variety and cater specifically to crypto gamers​​.

  5. No Free Play, Pure Thrill: One thing to note – Casino Bit is all about serious gaming. There's no free play or demo mode here; it's all about playing for keeps. This might be a letdown for those wanting to try games without wagering, but it ensures that the platform maintains its focus on serious gambling​​.

In summary, Casino Bit's gaming library is like a buffet at a Texas state fair – varied, extensive, and sure to satisfy all kinds of appetites. Whether you're there for the slots, live dealer games, or unique crypto-specific offerings, Casino Bit's got a game to match every style and preference. Just remember, it's all about the real play, so saddle up and get ready for some serious gaming action! 🎰🤠🃏🎲

License and Safety

Alrighty, let's talk about the license and safety at Casino Bit, y'all. Now, hold your horses, 'cause this is important stuff when you're pickin' a place to play your favorite games.

First off, Casino Bit is like one of those outlaws in the Wild West of crypto casinos - they don't have a specific license. Now, this might sound as risky as a high-stakes poker game, but don't fret just yet. They're a pure crypto casino and they've chosen this path to give players what they call the 'purest' crypto experience. But, as with anything that's unlicensed, there's always a risk, like riding a bull at the rodeo – thrilling, but ya gotta know what you're getting into​​.

Now, on the safety front, Casino Bit ain't playin' around. They've got their security game stronger than a Texas longhorn. They make sure that any info you send their way is as secure as a locked safe in a bank. They've got this thing called an SSL certificate from a well-regarded company called Let's Encrypt. It's like having a big ol' padlock on your digital barn door​​.

But here's the kicker – they pride themselves on being a provably fair casino. This means y'all can check the fairness and integrity of their games yourself, just like you'd eyeball a horse before buying it. They use algorithms and transparency in game results, letting players see that the games are as fair as a straight-shooting sheriff​​.

So, while they might not have a license like some other casinos, they sure are dedicated to keeping things safe and square for their players. It's a bit like riding without a saddle – might not be for everyone, but some folks find it more thrilling. Just remember, always gamble responsibly, partner!

Customer Support

Casino Bit's customer support seems to be playing both sides of the poker table. On one hand, their support is rated pretty high, like a straight flush, at 9 out of 10. They've got a live chat system quicker than a jackrabbit, typically responding in under a minute. If you're more of an email cowboy, they've got that option too. Their team's as friendly as a Texas bartender, ready to address any issue you might mosey on in with​​.

On the flip side, there are whispers in the saloon that suggest not all's perfect in the world of Casino Bit customer service. While they boast a 24/7 service, some players have found this claim to be as shaky as a novice on a mechanical bull, noting inconsistencies in reality​​.

But let's not get too tangled up in the lasso just yet. Casino Bit's customer service, according to another source, is dedicated and professional, like a seasoned card dealer. They offer two main channels for support – live chat for those quick-draw queries and email for the more detailed ones. Their customer service is as available as a 24-hour diner, ensuring players can get help at any hour, whether the sun's shining or the moon's high in the sky​​.

And if you're the type who likes to solve problems yourself, like a lone ranger, Casino Bit's got a comprehensive FAQ section, as helpful as a map to buried treasure​​. Another review chimed in, noting that when they felt as lost as a tourist in a Texas honky-tonk, the customer support was more than helpful in getting them back on track​​.

So, summing up Casino Bit's customer service is like calling a close hand of poker – it's got its aces, like quick responses and around-the-clock availability, but there might be a few cards hidden up the sleeve, like potential inconsistencies. It's a bit of a gamble, but then again, isn't that what it's all about?

Our Expert Opinion

Casino Bit, a pure crypto casino that entered the scene in 2020, has quickly become a significant player in the online gambling arena. It's like a digital goldmine for those who prefer cryptocurrency transactions, offering a variety of payment options including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, ensuring a seamless experience for crypto enthusiasts​​.

In terms of game selection, Casino Bit rolls out the red carpet with a library of over 1,200 games. This extensive range includes everything from slots and video poker to live dealer games and blackjack, catering to a wide array of gaming preferences. The casino's partnerships with over 20 top-tier software providers ensure a high-quality gaming experience, complete with immersive graphics and smooth gameplay​​.

But the star of the show might just be their customer service. Rated highly for their professionalism and effectiveness, Casino Bit offers 24/7 support through live chat and email. This round-the-clock availability means players can get assistance anytime, a crucial feature for a global audience. Additionally, they have a comprehensive FAQ section for those who prefer to find answers on their own​​.

In summary, Casino Bit stands out as a crypto-friendly platform with a rich selection of games and commendable customer service. While it's important to note the lack of a specific license, their commitment to security and game fairness provides some peace of mind for players​​.

Pros and Cons

  • Generous bonuses
  • Decent withdrawal limits
  • Good selection of games
  • Really Fast withdrawals
  • Weak License
  • Lack of banking options

Remember, gambling should always be done responsibly, and it's important to play only with money that you can afford to lose. If you have any doubts or concerns, it might be beneficial to seek advice or look for alternatives that better suit your preferences.

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