Bonanza Slots

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The "Bonanza" category of slot games, pioneered by Big Time Gaming's Bonanza Megaways™, has set a new standard in the online slot industry. This category encompasses games that utilize the innovative Megaways™ mechanic, offering an unpredictable and dynamic playing experience. Here, we'll delve into the defining characteristics of Bonanza-style slots, explore their gameplay mechanics, and discuss their impact on the gaming market.

Popular Slots with Bonanza Mechanic

Innovative Gameplay Mechanics

The core of Bonanza slots lies in their use of the Megaways™ system. This game mechanic alters the number of symbols on each reel with every spin, potentially offering up to 117,649 ways to win. The unpredictability of reel formation and the large number of paylines significantly increase the complexity and excitement of the game.

Cascading Reels

Another hallmark of Bonanza slots is the cascading reels feature. After a winning combination is hit, those symbols disappear, allowing new symbols to fall into their place. This can create a chain reaction of wins from a single spin, increasing the potential for high payouts.

This feature not only adds to the excitement but also allows for extended gameplay from a single bet.

Volatility and RTP

Bonanza slots are generally known for their high volatility, which means they offer the potential for large payouts at a less frequent rate compared to lower volatility games. The original Bonanza game boasts an RTP (Return to Player) of around 96%, which is attractive to players looking for a decent return on their investment over time. High volatility coupled with a competitive RTP makes these games particularly appealing to high rollers and serious slot enthusiasts.

Free Spins and Multipliers

Enhancing the gameplay further, Bonanza slots often feature extensive free spins rounds. These are typically triggered by specific scatter symbols and can include unlimited win multipliers that increase with each cascade.

For example, in the original Bonanza slot, free spins are triggered by spelling "GOLD" using the scatter symbols, initially offering 12 free spins with an increasing multiplier for consecutive wins during the round.

Game Design and Theme

Bonanza-style slots typically feature rich, immersive themes that transport players into various adventurous settings. The original Bonanza slot is set in a gold mine, complete with a miner's cabin and lush greenery that frames the reels.

This aesthetic, characterized by detailed backgrounds and thematic symbols, is a common thread among games in this category, often accompanied by a matching soundtrack that enhances the game's atmosphere.

History of Bonanza

The inception of the "Bonanza" category of slot games, particularly the revolutionary Megaways™ mechanic, is a fascinating chapter in the history of slot gaming. The journey began with Big Time Gaming (BTG), an Australian-based game developer that has been at the forefront of slot innovation. 

The Megaways™ mechanic was conceptualized by BTG’s CEO, Nik Robinson, who sought to create a game that broke away from the traditional fixed payline structures found in most slots. The idea was to revolutionize slot games by varying the number of symbols that appeared on each reel during every spin. 

This concept materialized in 2015 with the launch of "Dragon Born," the first slot to feature the Megaways™ system. However, it was the release of "Bonanza" in 2016 that truly brought this mechanic into the spotlight.

The BTG team faced several challenges, primarily in ensuring that the game mechanics were balanced in terms of volatility and payout frequency. Designing a game that could offer up to 117,649 ways to win required innovative algorithmic adjustments and a robust testing phase to ensure fair play and functionality across all devices.

Bonanza was among the first to integrate cascading reels with the Megaways™ mechanic, a combination that allowed for the chaining of wins and added a strategic depth to the gameplay. 

The addition of free spins with an unlimited win multiplier was another groundbreaking feature that set Bonanza apart from traditional slots. 

Impact and Legacy

The success of Bonanza had a profound impact on BTG and the entire slot game industry. Following its release, the Megaways™ mechanic was licensed to other leading game developers, sparking a wave of Megaways™-inspired games across the industry.

Bonanza's blend of detailed thematic elements, innovative gameplay, and high-stakes excitement not only attracted a wide player base but also set new standards for what players expect from slot games.

Players have overwhelmingly responded positively to Bonanza slots, drawn by the thrilling gameplay and the potential for big payouts. The success of these games has also influenced online casinos, which prominently feature Bonanza and similar slots due to their popularity and player engagement levels.


The "Bonanza" category of slots represents a significant evolution in slot game design. With its engaging themes, dynamic Megaways™ mechanic, cascading reels, and lucrative bonus features, it appeals to a wide range of players, from casual enthusiasts to serious gamblers.

As this category continues to expand and influence, it remains a cornerstone of innovative slot gaming, setting trends that shape the future of online casinos. Whether you're drawn to the suspense of spinning reels or the thrill of big wins, Bonanza-style slots offer a compelling and richly rewarding gaming experience.

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