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Online Show Games, also known as live game shows, are a relatively new and exciting addition to online casinos. They combine elements of popular TV game shows, like Monopoly and Wheel of Fortune, with interactive and immersive gaming experiences. 

These games are known for their engaging hosts, stunning visuals, and unique formats that blend entertainment with the thrill of gambling.

History and Origins

The history of live game shows in casinos can be traced back to television game shows, which have been popular since the mid-20th century. 

With the advent of live streaming technology and the increasing popularity of online casinos, game developers saw an opportunity to adapt these beloved formats into interactive betting games. This led to the creation of online show games, which have rapidly gained popularity for their innovative approach to online gambling.

Basic Rules

Online show games vary in their rules, but they generally involve players placing bets on outcomes such as numbers, colors, or symbols. The games often use a physical wheel, dice, or other gaming elements, operated by a live host.

For example, in a game based on Wheel of Fortune, players might bet on which segment the wheel will land on.

Objective of the Game

The objective in online show games is typically to predict the outcome of a live game element correctly. In some games, players also make strategic decisions that can influence the outcome. The overarching goal is to combine entertainment with the opportunity to win money, similar to traditional casino games.

Values and How Counted

The values in online show games depend on the specific game. For example, in a wheel-based game, each segment of the wheel might have a different numerical value or multiplier. Wins are usually determined by where the game element (like a wheel or dice) lands and the corresponding value. Payouts are calculated based on the odds of the winning selection and the player’s bet.

The Flow of the Game: Dealing, Players' Options

  1. Placing Bets: Players begin by placing bets on the possible outcomes. The betting options depend on the game’s structure.
  2. Gameplay: The live host then operates the game element (spinning a wheel, rolling dice, etc.). This is usually done in a visually engaging and interactive manner.
  3. Results and Payouts: The outcome is determined live, and winning bets are paid out according to the paytable. The host often interacts with players throughout the game, adding to the entertainment value.
  4. Next Round: Players can choose to play again, with the opportunity to adjust their bets or try different strategies.

Table Layout and Equipment

The interface is interactive, featuring betting options, game statistics, and sometimes chat functionalities for player engagement.

Description of the Table

In online show games, the 'table' is typically a virtual and thematic stage set, designed to resemble TV game shows. This layout varies significantly depending on the game. For example, in a game like Monopoly Live, the layout includes a giant wheel and a virtual Monopoly board.

Necessary Equipment

Game Wheel: Many show games involve a large, colorful wheel divided into segments with different values or actions.
Additional Props: Depending on the game, other equipment like dice, playing cards, or special game boards (like in Monopoly Live) are used.
Digital Interface: An important aspect, it includes player controls for placing bets, viewing game rules, and interacting with the host and other players.

Player Actions and Choices

Players in online show games have various actions:

  • Betting: Players place bets on the predicted outcomes, such as a particular number or segment on a game wheel.
  • Strategic Decisions: Some games offer choices that can influence the gameplay, like picking certain items or making decisions that affect the game’s direction.
  • Interacting with Host and Players: Players can often interact with the game host and other players through live chat, adding a social element to the game.

Dealer's Role and Rules

In online show games, the dealer is typically replaced by a live game host, whose roles include:

  • Managing the Game: The host operates the game equipment (like spinning the wheel) and guides the flow of the game.
  • Interacting with Players: A key aspect of show games is the host's interaction with players, making the experience lively and entertaining.
  • Enforcing Rules: While the game mechanics are automated, the host ensures the game follows its rules and assists with any issues or questions.

Strategies and Tips for Players

Online show games, being based largely on chance and randomness, don't lend themselves to a traditional strategy chart like blackjack or poker. However, players can still employ certain tactics to enhance their experience.

For Beginners

  • Understand the Rules: Familiarize yourself with the game's rules and payout structure before playing.
  • Start with Smaller Bets: This allows you to enjoy the game longer and understand its nuances without risking a significant portion of your bankroll.
  • Watch a Few Rounds: Before participating, observe a few rounds to get a feel for how the game operates.

For Advanced Players

  • Manage Your Bankroll: Set limits on your spending to avoid exhausting your funds quickly.
  • Look for Patterns: While outcomes are random, some players enjoy looking for patterns in the game's history.
  • Engage with the Community: Interacting with other players through live chat can provide insights and enhance the gaming experience.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Chasing Losses: One of the biggest pitfalls is trying to recoup losses by placing larger bets.
  • Ignoring Game Odds: Each game has different odds; understanding these can help you make informed decisions.
  • Playing Under Influence: Avoid playing when your judgment might be impaired, like under the influence of alcohol.

Variations of the Game

Online show games come in various formats, each offering unique experiences:

  • Wheel-Based Games: Like "Dream Catcher" or "Spin a Win," where players bet on the outcome of a wheel spin.
  • Board Game Adaptations: Such as "Monopoly Live," which combines a wheel game with a virtual board game.
  • Lottery Style Games: Including "Mega Ball," which is akin to a live lottery drawing.

Differences Between Online and Live Show Games

  • Interactivity: Online versions offer more interactive elements, like live chat and close-up camera shots, enhancing player engagement.
  • Convenience: Online games are accessible from anywhere, while live game shows require physical attendance or television viewing.
  • Pace of Play: Online games tend to be quicker, with more rounds played within a shorter period.
  • Variety of Games: Online casinos often have a wider variety of show games compared to live television game shows.
  • Betting Options: Online games usually offer a wider range of betting options, catering to both low and high-stakes players.

Online show games are transforming the landscape of online casinos by offering a blend of entertainment, interactivity, and the chance to win money. These games cater to players looking for an engaging and social gambling experience that goes beyond traditional casino games. With their innovative use of technology and live hosting, online show games are quickly becoming a staple in the online gambling world.

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